Date: First Wednesday of Each Month

Registration & Warmups: 6:00pm

Start: 6:30pm

End: 9:30pm

Format: Frenzy, a very hectic tournament. Three hour tournament with a TBD number of machines (arenas). When the tournament starts, head-to-head matches are created on those machines, and any players not assigned to a match are placed in a queue. When a match ends, a new game will be created using the following approach: Player 1 will become Player 2 on a new machine. Player 2 will go to the bottom of the queue. The player at the top of the queue will become Player 1 on the new machine. The tournament will progress in this manner until the timer runs out. The winner is the player with the most net wins (or total number of wins minus total number of losses).

Fees: $1 for members or guests to submit results to IFPA

These tournaments are worth a good number of WPPR points, so be sure to join to improve your state and global ranking!