What is Pingolf? 

Pingolf is a different way to play pinball. Whereas when you typically play pinball, the goal is to get a higher score than the other players or your best score, in Pingolf, you'll play through a "course" (series of machines) where each "hole" (machine) will have its own "par" (objective) you're trying to reach in as few balls as possible. Sometimes the objective is a target score and sometimes the objective is something else, like completing a game mode. Each ball played on a hole in an attempt to reach the objective is a "stroke," and the goal is to have the lowest stroke count at the end of the course. 

So, for instance, let's say you're playing a hole where the par is 3 and the objective is a target score of 100 million points. If you get to 100 million points in one ball, that's a hole-in-one and will count as 1 stroke. But if after ball 1, you only have 50 million, you'd need to play another ball. If you get to 100 million on that ball, you'd note down a 2. If the machine is set to 3 balls and you don't get to 100 million after 3 balls, then you'll note down a 4 on your scorecard since you did not reach the objective using the max number of balls for that hole. If you complete the objective within par or less, you do not need to play the remaining ball in that game. In fact, as soon as you reach the objective, you can quit playing your ball. Quite a benefit if you are playing in a pair or group, since you don't have to wait for gameplay if a player has reached the objective. Just plunge the additional balls off. 

Pingolf Rules

Max score for each hole is determined by the machine. If the machine is set to 3 ball play then the max score is 4 for that hole. For machines set to 5 ball play, the max score is 6.

Extra balls earned are played during the current stroke and do not count as an additional stroke. For example, you finished playing ball 2 and fail to complete the objective, but you earned an extra ball while playing ball 2. You would play the extra ball and any progress would count as if you were playing ball 2. So, if you completed the objective while playing the extra ball, you would record a score of 2 for that hole.

Tilting is not too bad of a penalty in pingolf. The ball you tilt on just counts as a normal stroke.

Hole order is noted on the course scorecards. However, due to a machine being occupied, you can deviate from the hole order and play games that are available. Also, if you don't want to wait for a machine or a machine is under repair, there are alternate holes for each course that can be played. Alternate holes are noted on the scorecards. 

Course length for all courses are 9 holes at this time. Please note, if submitting a score, please only submit a score for 9 holes. Please enter N/A for holes that were not played on that course.

The RPC Pingolf Course

The inaugural pingolf course at RPC is a 9 hole course, the King course. Pingolf course objectives are available from the Hole Objectives link above. Scorecards are available at the front desk. Also, you can submit your score using the Scorecard link above. The intent is to gather scores in order to make improvements to objectives. Additionally, a leader board may be established after enough scores have been submitted.

Be on the look out for new courses in the future!!