About Us

Email us at richmondpinballcollective@gmail.com

We are a 501 C7 not for profit social club dedicated to promoting the sport & hobby of pinball. We are operated entirely by volunteers who are dedicated to the cause and as obsessed with pinball as we are. Oversight is provided by a board of directors. 

The Collective, or RPC as it is colloquially called, was opened in May of 2017 after a modest but successful fundraising campaign. We took a leap of faith and the club and community have been growing ever since. A lot of our growth is a direct result of the talents and services provided by our fantastic volunteer squad, many of whom contribute with their unique talents, which are all over the board.

Core values

Make pinball accessible to the masses

Support and foster competitive pinball

Use pinball as a vehicle for celebration and community building

Core purpose

Spread the joy of pinball to the people.