Friday Night Lights

Date: On the following Fridays


FNL #1 - Match Play link


FNL #2 - Match Play link


FNL #3 - Match Play link


FNL #4 - Match Play link


FNL #5 - Match Play link

Registration & Warmups: 6:00pm

Start: 7:00pm

End: After all matches are completed

Format: Friday Night Lights will be a series of monthly tournaments with nightly winners and a series final. Details are to be determined but we are looking at 5 monthly tournaments and a final in March.

This is a match play tournament.

Players will compete in groups of three or four on randomly selected machines. Participants earn points based on their finish.

Four player games:

1st - 3 points

2nd - 2 points

3rd - 1 point

4th - 0 points

Three player games:

1st - 3 points

2nd - 1.5 points

3rd - 0 point

After each round the groupings and machines will change. You will be paired with players with a similar number of points after each round.

The tournament will conclude when the first player reaches 20 points. Ties will be settled in a single head to head game.

The format of the finales will be determined by the tournament director and based on time and the number of qualifying players.

Nightly event fee: $10 for member and $15 for non-members.

$1 will go towards IFPA fees. The rest will go towards the nightly pool.

All points earned by all players will count towards qualifying for the Fight Night Lights Final in 2023!